Ecommerce Bots

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Topics covered:

Agent Toolkits
Auction Bots
Directories.  Not bots, but general infromation sources.
Employment Bots
Financial Bots
Finder Bots.  Locate people or businesses
Filter Bots
Geneology Bots
Geography Bots
Health Bots
Mail Bots.  Handling your email
Message Bots
News Bots
Postal Bots.  Look up ZIP codes
Price Bots
Search Bots

Shopping Bots
Telephone Directory Bots
Translation Bots
Travel Agents
Weather Bots
Web Bots.  Info about the WWW

Agent Toolkits

AgentBuilder.  From Reticular Systems, Inc.

Auction Bots and Sites

Auction Watchers.   Searches auction lists for best prices by product category.
AuctionUniverse.  Auction tracker
Bidder's Edge.  Watches auctions and specific items up for bid.
BidFind.  Keyword search of web auctions.
FirstAuction.  (Egghead)


Thomas Register

Employment Bots  Find a job, find an employee, search company profiles.
Virtual Job Fair.  Search for companies, articles about job hunting, job fairs.  From Westech.

Financial Bots

CNNfn.  Quotes, charts and finincial news from CNN.
Discover Brokerage.  Stock quotes.
EDGAR Online.  SEC filings.
Hoover's Online.  Company information.
INVESTools.  Quotes and stock analysis reports.
justquotes. Financial information bot that finds information about publicly traded companies.  EXCELLENT.
Market Guide.  Stock quotes and summarized financial data.
NetProphet.   Free download of stock monitor from Neural Applications Corp.
NewsALERT.  Quotes and most recent news stories about companies.
NewsPage.  Quotes and company news from News Edge Corp.
Personal Stock Monitor.  Free download from DTLink Software. quotes.   Historicals from Intuit, Inc. based on S&P quotes.
Quote Server.  Stock quotes from CheckFree.  Can request up to 5 quotes simultaneously
SalomonSmithBarney.   Stock and mutual fund quotes and charts.
Silicon Investor.  Quotes, charts and news stories.
StockAgent Pro.  Free download from Insanely Great Software.
StockMaster.  Historical stock quotes from, Inc.
Stock Point.  Stock quotes and analysis from
Yahoo! Finance.  Stock quotes and company-specific news.

Filter Bots

iAtlas.  Filter web searches by business size and category.

Finder Bots

ClassMates.   Find high school classmates.  Free registration required.
infospace.  Web directory
Internet Address Finder.  Find people by email address or domain.
PeopleLink.   Finds people in communities on the Web.
Switchboard.  Includes home page addresses.
WhoWhere?   From Lycos.
Zip2.  From AltaVista.


Web robot database.  Links to 200 robots.

Geneology Bots   Family surname search.

Geography Bots

MapBlast! Locates nearby businesses.
Mapquest.   View maps of any area in the U.S.
NASA Satellite Photos
Switchboard.  Find businesses near a given address.


LogLink Logistics Links


Manufacturing Yellow Pages (


ICQ.  Instant messaging, people locator.

News Bots

Business Wire.   Very recent news stories selectable by date and region.
DigitalCity.  Searches the country for news about specific cities.  Create your own newscast from video clips.
HP Instant Delivery.   Examines the Web for stories of interest.  Requires free download.
Los Angeles Times.  Search by subject, keyword, ticker symbol.
Morning Paper.  Summarizes news from different sources.  Requires free download.
PR Newswire.  Search capability by subject, date, industry, keyword, company.
San Jose Mercury.  Search by keyword, company name, ticker symbol.

Postal Bots

ZIP+4 Code Lookup.  U.S. Postal Service.

Price Bots   Compares 26 booksellers.
infospace.  Price comparison bot.
PriceSCAN.   Comparative pricing of books, computers, electronics, movies, music, sporting goods and video games.
Price Watch.  Computer hardware and software and consumer electronics.

Search Bots

AskJeeves   Metasearcher
InferenceFind.   Searches for websites based on keywords.
Northern Light

Shopping Bots

All-Internet Shopping Directory.   Poor search engine.
AltaMax Online Shopper.   Sort by price, product & vendor for a wide varity of products.  Free trial download.
Auction Watchers.  Searches auction lists for best prices.
BizWeb.  Guide to more than 43,000 companies in 200 categories.  Excellent search capability.
bottomdollar.  Organized by category, e.g. kitchen items.
Brandpoint.  More than 500 retailers of brand-name products.  Shopping portal with price comparisons
BuyDirectory.  Search in multiple languages.
Buyers Index.  Over 96 million products from 13,000 websites.
CompareNet. Extensive search by brand name.  Sale and auction of computer products by ZDnet.  Navigation to specilty online malls.
DealPilot.  Books, music, movies.   Formerly Acses.
Frictionless Value Shopper.   Allows specification of feature preferences. (Excite)
KillerApp.  Extensive computer shopping bot.
mySimon.  Categorized keyword shopping search.
NetMarket.  Huge directory with "HaggleZone" for negotiating.  Directory with "WebChains"
Planet Retail. Huge directory.  You name your price for home financing, new cars, hotel rooms and airline tickets.
RoboShopperFinds sites offering products by category.
Shopfind.  Locates by category sites offering products online.  Limited primarily to computers and consumer electronics.  From CNET.
Shopping Explorer.   Parallel search for products.  Requires free download.  An AltaVista company.  400,000 members receive cash rebates on purchases.
StoreSearch.  Products from 100,000 stores.
TechShopper.  For technical products.  From CMP.
Top 10 Guide.
WebMarket.  Performs price comparisons.
Yahoo!Shopping.  Advertises "thousands of stores, millions of products."

Telephone Directory Bots   Includes reverse lookup.
AnyWho (AT&T)   Includes reverse lookup.
BigBook.  Nationwide Yellow Pages.
BigYellow.  National Yellow Pages.   Requires state to be specified.
Global Yellow-Pages.   International directories from 40 countries.
Infobel.  Yellow pages from 182 countries!
Infospace.  Personal search, Internet search, shopping search.

Translation Bots


Travel Agents
Expedia Travel
Thomas Cook.  Travel services; traveler's checks
Travelocity.   Based on the SABRE airline reservation system.

Weather Bots

Weather Channel.  Forecasts, radar maps

Web Bots

Link Popularity.   FInd the sites that link to a given site.