Electronic Voting Links

The links below are intended to supplement the course 17-803/17-400, Electronic Voting  This page is maintained by Michael Shamos and is still under construction.  Please report omissions and dead links to the author.  2004 Michael I. Shamos.

Topics covered:

Cryptographic Methods
Direct-Recording Electronic (DRE) Systems
Election Law
Internet Voting
Optical Scan
Paper Trails
Punched Cards
State Voting Websites
Voting Theory

Direct-Recording Electronic (DRE) Systems

Biometric companies (Netscape)
Biometric companies (Univ. of Vermont)
Biometric organizations (Biometric Consortium)
Biometric organizations (Netscape)

Biometry (Thomson-CSF)

Iris Scan
How Iris Recognition Works (John Daugman)

Primary Iris Recognition Links (iris-scam.com)

Lists of Links
Biometric links (COMSEC Solutions)
Biometric links (Michigan State University)
Biometric links (Open Directory Project)
Biometric publications (Connecticut Department of Social Services)

Election Law

State Statutes and Regulations
Alabama (Title 17)
Alabama Electronic Voting Committee Regulations

Alaska (Title 15)
Arizona (Title 16)
Arkansas (Title 7)
California (Elections Code)
Colorado (Title 1)
Colorado Election Rules (July 21, 2004)
Connecticut (Title 9)
Delaware (Title 15)
District of Columbia Code (Title 1, Chapter 10)
Florida (Title 9)
Florida Division of Elections Rules

Georgia Election Code (Title 21)
Guam (Title 3)
Hawaii (Title 2)
Idaho (Title 34)
Illinois (Title 10)
Indiana (Title 3)
Iowa Election Laws

Kansas (Chap. 25)
Kentucky Revised Statutes (Title X, see Electronic Voting)
Kentucky Regulations

Louisiana Election Code (Title 18)
Maine Revised Statutes (Title 21-A)
Maryland Election Code
Massachusetts (Title VIII)
Michigan Election Law (Chapter 168)
Michigan Regulations

Minnesota Rules
Minnesota Statutes (Chapter 200)
Mississippi Election Code

Missouri Revised Statutes
Montana Code (Title 13)
Montana Rules
Nebraska Election Act
Nevada Administrative Code (Chapter 293)
Nevada Revised Statutes (Chapter 293)
New Hampshire Revised Statutes (Title LXIII)
New Jersey Statutes Annotated (Title 19)
New Mexico Statutes Annotated (Title 1)
New York State Consolidated Laws (Chapter 17)
North Carolina Administrative Code (Title 8)
North Carolina General Statutes (Chapter 163)
North Dakota Century Code (Title 16.1)
Ohio Revised Code (Title XXXV)
Oklahoma Administrative Code (Title 230)
Oklahoma Statutes (Title 26)
Oregon Administrative Rules

Oregon Revised Statutes (Title 23)
Pennsylvania Election Code

Rhode Island General Laws (Title 17)
South Carolina Code (Title 7)
South Dakota Codified Laws (Title 12)
Tennessee Code (Title 2)
Tennessee Rules

Texas Election Code
Utah Administrative Code
Utah Code (Title 20A)
Vermont Statutes (Title 17)


Florida Voting System Standards

State Voting Websites

Florida Division of Elections